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Cotton Solmate Socks  "Mismatched with Care"   made in America

Sizes:   small: women 6-8     Medium: women 8-10 men 7-9     large: women 10-12 men 9-11
"Mismatched with Care" About the Artist
Marianne Wakerlin, the socklady is the founder and owner of Solmate Socks. The company is named after her mom, Sunny, who taught Marianne how to knit when she was nine years old. Marianne continued a life long enthusiasm for knitting, but it wasn't until she started knitting socks that her real passion was born. Her colorful and complex patterns are knit in the USA at a family owned knitting mill, hand finished and then "mismatched with care."
Sock Care
Solmate Socks are knit with pre-shrunk, color fast cotton yarns and all of our socks can be machine washed & dried. Socks will shrink a little in their first washing and are actually knit on the large side to accommodate this. The colors will not run or fade. After several washings, stray ends of yarn may work themselves loose - you may clip these off or tuck them back into the sock. This is normal and the socks will not fall apart. The socks are made of 80% cotton, 19% nylon and 1% Lycra.
Solmate ankle socks   $15.
   hyacinth   $15.      snapdragon   $15.    primrose   $15.
small hyacinth
medium hyacinth
large hyacinth
mismatched small snapdragon
medium snapdragon (sold out)
large snapdragon
Mismatched socks with lots of orange, some turquoise, some light green, some yellow. small primrose
medium primrose
large primrose
   lily   $15.    clover   $15.
mismatched socks with lots of turquoise, some blue, orange, light green, yellow, & tiny bit of purple. small lilly
medium lilly
large lilly
mismatched socks with lots of purple, lavender, yellow, and some light green. small clover
medium clover
large clover (sold)
Solmate garden socks   $17.
   crocus   $17.      cosmos   $17.    bluebell   $17.
mismatched socks with lots of yellow, purple, some lavender,and light green. mismatched socks orange, red, purple, turquoise and light green. mismatched
small crocus
medium crocus (sold)
large crocus (sold out)
small cosmos
medium cosmos
large cosmos
small bluebell
medium bluebell (sold)
large bluebell
   poppy   $17.    tulip   $17.
mismatched socks with dark reds, light and dark green, turquoise, little orange and yellow. mismatched socks with pinks, red, light and dark green, blue.
small poppy
medium poppy (sold)
large poppy (sold out)
small tulip
medium tulip (sold)
large tulip (sold out)
mismatched socks