Martha Seely

  • FN-WSE 1G
    22K wire $595.
    18K wire $535
    Argenitium silver
    22Ky gold
  • FN-WFE-1A . $475.00
    Argentium silver
    woven with Fine
    Silver wire and 22ky
    wire and 3mm

    freshwater pearls,
    18K bi-metal flower
    is formed textured
    and riveted.
  • Argentium wire vine is
    woven with fine silver
    into a Nouveau spiral.
    Die cut flower is formed,
    textured, and riveted.
  • FN-WSE-1a . . $223.
    Delicate argentium
    silver vine is woven
    with Fine Silver.
    A pink topaz briolette
    dangles in the middle.
    1" diameter
  • FN-MGN-1a . $630.
    18" Necklace of Argentium
    Silver woven with Fine
    Silver and 22K wire.
    Morning Glory flower riveted
    with peacock freshwater
    cultured pearl surrounded by
    white round cultured pearls
    with silver beads.
  • One of a kind,
    please inquire.
    Argentium sterling
    and Fine Silver,
    22kt wire.

    The Floral Nouveau Collection is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the late nineteenth century. The woven wire jewelry pieces combine the asymmetrical, sinuous lines of the movement, with the contemporary riveted flowers from the Floral Architecture Collection. The floral shapes remain simple but in this collection, many of the flowers are hammered and shaped but are still layered and riveted into the jewelry with their center stones glowing or sparkling.

    Martha launched her professional artistic life as a theatre and television costume designer and wardrobe stylist. From a love of costumes and clothing grew a love of accessories that were artistic, textural,reflecctive and fashionable. She is intrigued by art, architectural concepts, concepts, connections and the grace of natural forms.

    The new collection combines fine metals - sterling silver, argentium silver, 114K and 18K gold and bi-metal plus gemstones. But these are fashions meant to be worn on a daily basis, not just for dress up. The stones used are primarily Peridot, Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, White Sapphire and Diamonds.