Gallery 10 New York, NY, phone #917-992-7034

Donald Carlson

Internationally known, Carlson art glass is represented in most major glass collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, and the Corning Museum. After six decades Donald Carlson continues to make each piece himself. All pieces are signed and registered.

Donald's favorite color to work with is red and also it is the most difficult. To secure the desired color the correct amount of chemicals and control of the many variables are essential. This affords his the challenges that keep him motivated. In addition to his wonderful red cherries below is a poster from a recent show in Paris. His work has been in over 300 shows in the last 30 years. Please call Marcia 917-992-7034 for prices and availability.

7 red glass cherries with black stems 2 red cherries with black stems
poster from Paris show

5 black cherries